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Thank you for taking the time to view our new site. My name is Dave Wymer, and I am the director of Truro MOT Centre Ltd. I have personally 20 years experience as a vehicle MOT tester and have been in the industry since leaving school. Initially, I was employed in the motorsport arena before I moved to Cornwall where I worked for the largest motor dealer in the South West before venturing out on my own.

Who Are We?

Truro MOT Centre Ltd is a brand new venture with the sole interest of only testing vehicles. The motor industry has changed very much in the last five years and so has the MOT testing scheme. We aim to solely focus on testing to the required DVSA standards. These set a minimum requirement the vehicle needs to exceed during the test and no more than that.

Why are we different from other normal garages that also do MOT testing and can we repair it if it fails the test?

We are predominantly a test centre only, so our focus is entirely on the MOT test itself and while we will carry out minor repairs to your vehicle at the time of inspection, it is not within our remit to undertake more substantial repairs at Truro MOT Centre. You can be sure that our test result is purely based on the inspection manual and its guidance notes and not biased in the interests of increasing workshop revenue. If repairs to the vehicle are necessary, it can be left with us, and competitively priced work can be arranged if you so wish.

How can you be sure our decision to pass or fail your vehicle is the correct one?

The DVSA have in the last 12 months radically revised the test scheme, and the way tester training is undertaken. This was to raise the knowledge and skill level of the MOT testing professionals in the scheme. To become an MOT tester now is much more difficult than it used to be. Here at Truro MOT Centre, our testers professional career development is of utmost importance which ensures we keep up to date with all the constant changes within the scheme as they happen.

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Truro MOT Centre Ltd is the newest test station in the city of Truro