Brake Disc Skimming

What is it and why?

With modern vehicles having larger brakes than before disc are generally more expensive to replace.

Its not advised to replace brake pads and leave the worn and  often glazed-ridged discs in place, there can be squeaking afterwards caused by the lip on the edge of the disc, more dust build up than before and most importantly a lack of feel from the brakes as the new pads struggle to bed in to discs previously worn by the removed brake pads. 

So there are two options when the brake pads need replacing, either replace the whole disc/pad set on that axle which can be expensive, or just replace the pads and suffer with all the issues previously highlighted. 

We can now offer a third option here at Truro MOT centre by way of onboard brake skimming, for as little as £50 per axle we can reface the existing discs as long as they are above the manufactures wear limit. Labour is also reduced in the stripping and refitting of the calipers and carriers and the parts required is just the new brake pads.

Typical example would be on an average size family car having a complete disc pad replacement costing @ £220.00, with a brake skim and a new set of pads including the labour the cost would be around £150.00.

The machine can also skim the disc to compensate for any run out in the hub ensuring there is no fluctuation of the brake pedal after. Simply fitting new discs to cure a brake judder will not work if there is a run out of the hub or drive flange so this a great tool for removing this issue and keeping costs down. 



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